Students first went to lessons on LGBT


Photo: Tami Chappell / Reuters

In Scotland for the first time in the world to introduce a compulsory lesson in which students will talk about the LGBT community. About it reports The Guardian.

In the public schools will become mandatory lesson in which students will talk about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and inter-sex. They will study the history of the LGBT community and its movement. One of the goals of training will be the fight against Homo – and transphobia.

The decision was taken after the Ministry of education has reviewed recommendations for the program. According to the newspaper, to evade the teaching of any reason not to.

According to one of the developers of course Jordan Daley, the innovation will allow to get rid of prejudices, remaining after the cancellation of the 1988 act. Then the authorities banned to promote homosexuality. It was canceled in 2001 in Scotland and two years later — in the whole of the UK.

According to the research group, “the Time for inclusive education” (Time for Inclusive Education), 9 out of 10 homosexuals in Scotland was faced with homophobia at school and 27 percent have made suicide attempts. In addition, it was identified that educational institutions are aware of the problem of prejudice against people with a different sexual orientation.

Scotland is one of the most progressive countries in Europe against LGBT people despite the fact that decriminalized homosexuality only in 1980 — 13 years after it did in other regions of the UK. In 2016, the former Scottish leader of the labour party kiza Dugdale called the Parliament “the most gay in the world”: four of the six party leaders in Scotland were homosexual or bisexual.

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