Test colonies had dinner with the crab bandit-“hoe” broke


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The Chairman of the public oversight Commission (POC) of the Amur region Natalia Okhotnikov, previously asserted that a gang member Kushchevskaya Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz not entitled to privileges in prison, unable to get validation to prison because of bad weather. On Friday, November 9, reports RIA Novosti.

“Went, could not reach due to weather (in the Amur region on Friday, wet snow complicated road conditions), we plan to go tomorrow,” Okhotnikov said.

Okhotnikov said earlier RIA Novosti that Tsepovyaz contains in normal conditions, and in the media “sets out the wrong information” about indulgences for him.

“Serving a sentence in normal circumstances, reads, lives in the barracks. He had previously worked, now does not work, he set a disability, something with the hand, — said human rights activist. — In the colony number 3 is a store that convicts have the right to shop and make orders on any products for personal hygiene”.

Tsepovyaz is serving a sentence in a penal colony in the Amur village Srednebelaya. In late October, appeared in the media pictures of his meal with caviar, crab and barbecue. The shots of the bloody gang member poses in prison garb with mobile phone in hand. It turned out that in a month Tsepovyaz spent 100 thousand rubles — on products, linen, household chemicals. The money is transferred ex-wife of a mobster, who is suing him due to family business. The investigative Committee brought to the employees of a colony criminal case about abuse of authority.

Tsepovyaz was in a gang Sergei Hoe, who acted in the Krasnodar region in the 1990-ies — 2000-ies. In the fall of 2010 bandits on the orders of the Hoe killed 12 people, including four children. After that, the gang members went to jail. Tsepovyaz got 20 years, then the term was reduced to two months. Leaders Sergey Tsapok and Igor Chernykh, Vladimir Alekseev was sentenced to life imprisonment. Tsapok and Black died in prison.

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