The British 40 years been afraid of the stairs


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A UK resident Richard Smith (Richard O. Smith) described how more than 40 years have lived with a fear of stairs. His history shared newspaper Metro.

Smith admitted that he began to fear the stairs once in three years fell one of them in my parents ‘ house. At the age of eight years he realized that this is a serious phobia, going on a school trip to the castle. “I loved the castles, but during this trip I realized that physically can’t climb the steps. I literally could not lift my leg and started very nervous,” — said the now 52-year-old Smith.

Classmates mocked his fear, the boy skipping school, if the chief had to climb the stairs. He avoided lessons on the wall bars in gym class and swim for the ladder in the pool. At the age of 15 his lovely girlfriend invited him to retire in the water tower, but he couldn’t stand up to her. When they met next time, she was sitting on the step of the bus. Worth Smith to approach her as the girl went upstairs and looked contemptuously at him, and he couldn’t go after her and explain.

Many years later in order to beautifully propose to his sweetheart, named Catherine, he managed to climb the bell tower of the Church. For a time he concealed the phobia. But as soon as they go on holiday together, as Catherine discovered how uncomfortable her husband while walking around the city and saw it.

Only in adulthood, the man first went to a psychologist and told him about my fear. He was diagnosed acrophobia — fear of heights — and climacophobia — fear of stairs. Then Smith began writing a book about James Sadler, the first British aeronaut, who flew in a balloon, and had to overcome fear for the sake of work.

The psychologist spoke to him about the nature of phobias, and then forced him to climb the tower to Oxford, and to lean over the railing. Since Smith is no longer afraid of stairs and was able to fly in a balloon.

“I was able to climb the bell tower for the first time since made a proposal to Catherine, and began to admire the city. For most of my life, I was deprived of the pleasure to enjoy such types,” — said he advised all suffering from climacophobia to go to the doctor.

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