The British feared death from overeating and dropped 107 pounds


Photo: Maxine Wren

A resident of the UK, Maxine Wren (Wren Maxine) has lost more than a hundredweight, having heard dire predictions of doctors. This publication reports The Mirror.

In 2013 doctors said the 33-year-old teacher, weighed at that time, 176 kilos, if she not a change of lifestyle or will not do gastric bypass, you will die within a year. The woman gave disappointing forecasts for the surgery, so she turned to the center for weight loss. Besides, Wren got pregnant sisters and decided that it cannot afford to die without seeing his nephew.

“Although I knew people who managed to lose weight, I was very afraid. Was worried that everyone would stare at me or something beneath me break the scales. But it was my last chance and I had to go there,” admitted the Briton. During the first week of dieting she dropped five pounds.

Wren beginning to hire home-cooked healthy meal and refused from fast food. She confessed that she had never starved for medicinal purposes and sometimes even eating harmful meals like Shawarma, but made with low-fat products.

Three years after starting the diet, she married a man whom she met after the start of the weight loss. “Words cannot describe how incredibly I felt when I walked down the aisle, being twice as light as was recently”, — shared his feelings the woman.

Now her weight is 65.5 kg, and organization Slimming World, providing help to people with obesity, recognized her as woman of the year. “I hope that was a living proof for people that it is possible to lose any amount of weight. Everything has changed, I’m not hiding anymore. Nutritionists don’t just saved my life, they allowed me to begin to live,” she said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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