The designer has described the advantages of the su-57 on the F-22 and F-35


Photo: Vladimir Sergeev / RIA Novosti

A Russian su-57 in many respects superior to the American planes F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, said the chief designer-Director of “Sukhoi” Mikhail Sagittarius.

“Load the plane, which he can take to his weight… the higher the ratio, the higher the quality of the aircraft from the point of view of the media. The same applies to the volume and weight of item weapons, placed in the inner compartments. And I must say that according to this indicator, the su-57 is unique among aircraft of the fifth generation,” — said the expert.

The designer said that the plane was originally created as a multi-role fighter, whereas the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II is able to efficiently solve only specific tasks.

“The F-22 was originally designed as an aircraft to gain air superiority. And then the Americans realized that it was fundamentally wrong to design a plane just for placing of rockets “air — air”, and attempted to place aviation assets, “air — surface” to the existing configuration of the compartments. But the configuration of the compartments is not allowed to place larger loads,” explained Archer.

The specialist noted that it is designed to meet the challenges of the destruction of ground targets the F-35 Lightning II for its maneuverability, acceleration characteristics inferior to the su-57 and Russian fourth generation fighters.

In November, the TV station published videos flight of the su-57, testing composite wing of the fighter and the aisle of such aircraft under the radar.

In October the former commander in chief of Russian air force, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev made the emergence of the unmanned version, the su-57.

In July, the Deputy Prime Minister on questions military-industrial complex Yuri Borisov stated that “the su-35 is now considered one of the best aircraft in the world”, so “it makes no sense to speed up the work for the mass production of fifth generation aircraft”.

In April, The Drive made that the suspension by India of the joint project with Russia the FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft), involving the creation on the basis of the su-57 India’s first fifth generation fighter, will trigger the cancellation of the previously announced plans for mass production of this aircraft. In the same month in The National Interest expressed doubts about the successful implementation of the project su-57.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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