The network has shared the strangest stories from the life of lovers


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A Reddit user under the nickname Pleiferrm asked other visitors to tell about the strange things they did with their second halves. Tred is available on the imageboard page.

One of the commentators said that her family has an unusual habit: to voice the thoughts of dogs in different accents — French, and Spanish. No one knows why they started to do so.

Another user told about what happened to him and his lover in a restaurant. “For some reason, we decided to check in whose mouth can hold more liquid. She filled my mouth with plenty of water and began to pour it in my mouth, which was roomier” he said.

Another girl told me that “broke” her young man, after they began together to buy a sweater for the cat. “His child was calling our cat brother” — said a visitor to Reddit.

User under the name SocialDarianism said that he had found an unusual way to make laugh the friends. “Sometimes, we loved competing to see, who long to shout the other’s open mouth. It seems a strange kiss with an open mouth”, she explained.

Another user remembered how, looking out for the car lover on the side of the highway “in the middle of nowhere” because his girlfriend had to stop because of the terrible diarrhea.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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