The widow bequeathed millions of euros sons and daughters utensils


Photo: Darren Staples / Reuters

In Ireland ended years of litigation between the heirs of the women who got extremely unequal shares of the property. This publication reports The Irish Times.

A farm owner died in 2013 and left the eldest son a land area of 3.5 acres (14 acres), costing then 42 thousand euros. The second son went to 199 acres (80.5 per hectare) at a cost of three million euros. The share of the third son made 748,5 thousand euros. Three daughters of the women received five thousand euros, as well as dishes and Cutlery.

This division of property was not satisfied with the eldest son. He worked for 15 years at his parents ‘ farm, often without receiving wages. In 1997, the mother promised to leave him a legacy of not less than 90 acres.

After a few years they got into a fight over property claims by relatives of his wife. In 2003, the woman made a new will, and reduced his share, and in 2007 was expelled from the farm. Now he works as a taxi driver and talking with his brothers and sisters.

The judge hearing his appeal, acknowledged that the mother had violated his moral duty when he left the eldest son without proper inheritance, especially when you consider that 30 years of work on her farm and nothing more could. He decided to increase his share until the promised 90 acres, the cost of which now stands at 1.27 million euros (97 million).

The woman felt the need to provide daughters after his death, however, according to the judge, they don’t make claims and not provide evidence that they live in straitened circumstances.

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