There was a record of conversation of the Manager with the victim during the murder in the Elevator


Photo: Alex Nicolin / RIA Novosti

Telegram-channel 112 published record of negotiations of the Manager of the Elevator with a dead robber is a woman in Moscow.

On audio hear fragments of the words of the victim, the sounds of a struggle and then the words of an employee of the dispatch: “Who’s there? The girl in the Elevator, call the police, right?”

The Manager once again drawn to the question, but from the cockpit, nobody is responsible.

On 8 November it became known that the employee dispatch didn’t call the police after he heard from the Elevator to request assistance. The woman said that I was trying to clarify whether it is necessary to contact law enforcement.

Police arrested a suspect in the murder. He was a former employee of law-enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan, which also may be guilty of several robberies in the South of Moscow.

The incident occurred in a residential house on the street Znamenskie Sadki in North Butovo on November 6. An attacker assaulted a 52-year-old female pharmacist, inflicted multiple stab wounds and was robbed. The victim died on the spot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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