Training stole the camera of the astronauts sent to the colony of strict regime


Photo: urban news Agency “Moscow”

The court sent to the colony of strict regime of two men in April 2018 stolen and passed to scrap the training chamber of the memorial Museum of cosmonautics. About it “” reported Helen Humenny, press Secretary of the khoroshevskiy district court of the capital.

“Vladimir Anikin and Radmir Kalimulin found guilty of theft in an organized group, and they were sentenced to the penalty of two years four months in a strict regime colony. Them jointly and severally to recover damages — 271,5 thousand roubles. Anikin also abolished parole, and final punishment, he identified two years and six months imprisonment,” — said Humenny.

She said that cases are dealt with in a special manner, and when making decisions it was considered that the defendants partially reimbursed the cost of the stolen.

10 April 2018 from the Parking lot of one of the enterprises of Moscow on the Mozhaisk highway unknown stole the training chamber, in which, most likely, trained the first Soviet cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin. The day before the exhibit was taken from the Memorial Museum of cosmonautics especially for the historiographical expertise. Experts do not have time to find out the characteristics of the stolen machine. “It was just the process of attribution is to define the author, the place of manufacture, time, material, anyone associated with this subject, that is all the information about the subject”, — said the representative of the Museum space.

April 18, was detained the first suspect — a 29-year-old resident of Murmansk region Vladimir Anikin, April 19 — second, 38-year-old Radmir Kalimulin. Then kidnapped the chamber was discovered.

“During the investigation it was established that the thieves using a crane plunged the exhibit into the truck and took him off of the Parking lot. Then they handed over the stolen property at the point of reception of metal, located on the Mozhaisk highway, where he was partially disposed of,” — said in the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The cost of the exhibit, according to experts, amounted to 300 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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