Victims to pornomaster gays told about the consequences


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The journalists Vice interviewed four gay men who have suffered from pornomaster. All of them live in England and Wales, and their intimate photos and videos have been published online without consent, that in these countries is illegal.

The victim said that he had experienced a real terror because of ex-partners. According to 29-year-old Dan, initially he’s not too worried about leaked in the Internet Nude pictures because they could not see the face. However, man was confused by the comments under the post: many people were convinced that he posted intimate pictures on the net.

Another representative of the LGBT community, 34-year-old Aaron was seriously scared when I found out about the actions of the former partner. “I had about ten messages from people with whom I communicate. They wrote that about me made a thread on the website and instantly I began to panic and experience anxiety,” said Aaron.

The victim pornobest named Danny said that the incident made him feel more conscious in the relationship. “Although everyone has a past, no one expects that it will become public,” said Danny. He said that he immediately got in touch with the site administration to the moderators removed the pictures.

35-year-old Jai was surprised when I found your pictures on a questionable resource. It made him wonder, whether involved in a situation familiar, with whom he regularly communicates. “You don’t understand how horrible people can be until faced with the evidence,” commented Jai.

Aaron and Dan said that the incident affected their self-censorship. Both victims promised myself never to send intimate photos to other people in the future. While Jai said that he would not stop to remove yourself and share sexually explicit images even after the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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