Special forces-the Nazis tried to stage a coup in Germany


Photo: Hermann J. Knippertz / AP Photo

A group of 200 officers of an elite unit of the Bundeswehr KSK organized a secret neo-Nazi Association to prepare for a military coup in Germany. About it writes Daily Mail.

The military had planned to kill the leader of the Green party Claudia Roth, the foreign Minister Heiko Maas and former President Joachim gauck, who left the post on March 17. Also among the goals of the spetsnaz were the leaders of a number of motions in support of migrants.

The intent of the officers in a “Day” on the streets of German cities was to lead to chaos, during which they would physically eliminate political opponents.

The police knew about these plans in the military, however, believed such statements as “alcoholic fantasies.” Seriously secret services responded only after one of the members of the Association, a former major of the air force of the Bundeswehr, told investigators about the seriousness of intentions.

All the military was also part of the movement Uniter, uniting serving in Afghanistan and Africa veterans. In the Uniter of the conspirators disown.

On 4 November it was reported about 20 thousand migrants who came to the Bosnian-Croatian border and try to break into Central Europe. Many of them have knives.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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