Chechnya is populated by vampires under the control “of the Sultan Ramzan”


Vampire: The MasqueradeОбложка: White Wolf

The American company White Wolf has released the fifth version of the Board game Vampire: The Masquerade, which describes the Chechens vampires led by “Sultan Ramzan”. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The game tells about the life of vampires in 2018. In the story, Chechnya is the only region in the world, which is completely controlled by vampires. To the ordinary population, they are treated like “livestock products”. Every mortal being issued a passport with their blood type and prescribe the time in which you need to visit a special institution and to give his blood. Only on the territory of Chechnya there are more than 75 sites for feeding vampires, they are disguised as sports halls and other social facilities. The authors of the game point out the special hell of the Chechen vampires “broken or torn ears”.

At the head of the Republic is “Ramzan Sultan,” which is subject vampires. They are forced to hide their existence, so I promised him immortality in exchange for the cover. “In the eyes of Russia Ramzan is the true leader of Chechnya and his government regularly receives billions in subsidies from the Federal budget, most of which is spent on luxury items. Population imposed his personality cult. The main joy of Ramzan — private zoo with tigers, lions, Cougars and Panthers, whom he feeds with the flesh and blood of their enemies,” the authors write.

This game includes the persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya, which is used to divert attention from the vampires. This idea has raised the IRE of users and other developers. The network has emphasized that to transform the real tragedy in the plot of the game is unacceptable, yet not enough time has passed. White Wolf said that wanted a way to draw attention to the situation in Chechnya, however, admitted his mistake and apologized.

The press Secretary of the head of the Chechen Republic Alvi Karimov said that the creators of the game “decided to appear on the popularity of Chechnya and its leadership.” He stressed that a continuation of the information war to demonize Republic. According to TASS, Chechnya considering the possibility of litigation with developers.

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