Windows stole the data about the vulnerabilities


Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Discovered updated version of the virus TrickBot, stealing victims data on Windows. About it is reported in the blog of My Online Security, specializing in the field of Internet security.

Malware steals data about the reliability of the system: information about installations, updates, errors and problems. Usually they are automatically saved on the device in one of the folders.

TrickBot virus spread by unknown attackers via e-mail. The message was issued as the official mailing from the Bank: the letter was accompanied by a logo of the organization, and messages about file security.

In the newsletter, the scammers asked victims to open the attached document. It contained a malicious macro that loads the Trojan onto the device. Experts note that such a spread of the virus has become the classical technique of hackers.

Experts said that a number of antivirus programs able to detect and stop the action TrickBot. However, users still need to be careful not to open files received from unknown.

Previously, researchers from the company’s Zero Day Initiative has discovered a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 7. It allows hackers to remotely execute arbitrary code and install viruses. Despite the detailed report of experts, the company doesn’t fix the problem for 4 months.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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