Youngest participant of the TV show committed suicide after bullying on the network


Trixie Artphoto: page trixie HART Facebook

A British schoolgirl and a member of the musical TV show Britian”s Got Talent (in Russia license counterpart — “Moment of glory”) trixie HART (a Hart) committed suicide after online bullying. About it reports The Daily Mail.

A teenager committed suicide in September, however, the media learned of the death of the singer only a few months later. The grandmother of the deceased 16-year-old girl said that over the girl constantly bullied online. Parents are often caught HART in tears when she was sitting at the computers. Online trolls mocked her appearance and voice.

According to relatives, the girl was faced with the horrible bullying, and harassment were not only teenagers but also adult users of the network. To cope with such severe pressure it failed.

“People called her a slut and told her she was ugly. She had a terrific singing voice, and I think people were jealous of her,” explained Granny motif trolls. She also noted that her granddaughter and had mental problems: a few years ago, the doctors diagnosed her with attention deficit disorder and personality disorder.

On the day of the death of HART waited until her mother goes to work. Then she took a shower, applied make-up, and only then committed suicide.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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