A woman six days survived in the wilderness for the crackers and the wiper


Brooke Phillips (center)Photo: Blackstone Police

A resident of Australia told how six days survived in the desert after he turned the wrong way. Its history has shared information portal ABC News.

Brooke Phillips (Brooke Phillips) traveled to the Northern territory on your black SUV together with a cat and a dog. At some point, the 40-year-old woman got lost and her car was stuck.

The woman underestimated the danger of their situation, and all drank half a liter of water, which she had the first night. Over the next five days she had to be content with what she had sauce for pasta and windshield wiper. The second night she managed to gather some rain water. “I’m not gonna lie, the last day I drank my own urine,” admitted Phillips.

Six days the temperature was kept at about plus 30 degrees Celsius. The Australian used the air conditioning, until it ran out of gas. Then she had opened the Windows and covered them with towels, but do not help much to cope with heat.

Of the products women were pasta sauce, coconut cream, a little tomato, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and a few packs of crackers. Phillips admitted that he couldn’t eat cookies without liquid — it was too dry, and she literally could not swallow.

The unlucky Australian was found by her 16-year-old daughter involved with the other residents of the district in the rescue operation. The car was located 30 kilometers from the nearest settlement.

The inspector of police Craig Davis (Craig Davis) said that the woman was very lucky to survive “in the middle of ginnungagap”, and praised her for what she never left the car.

The woman was examined by doctors and told her that her condition is much better than they expected. Pets Phillips also managed to survive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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