Called cause demographic problems in Russia


Photo: Gennady Gulyaev / Kommersant

A member of the Federation Council Tatiana Cusano tied the problem of the declining birth rate in the country with the reluctance of the Russians to use their “physiological range”, reports “Says Moscow”.

“There’s a problem when a woman assumes the function of men, primarily the head of the corner puts career growth, and are not, as we say, her physiological capabilities,” said Kusano in a radio interview.

Because of this, in her opinion, women marry and give birth at an older age.

Cosico added that the government is doing everything possible to motivate residents to create family.

“The responsibility of the person always comes first… We can’t be focused on the fact that the nation was reduced to the number of inhabitants in the country decreased,” — said the Senator.

The birth rate in Russia from January to September decreased by 62 thousand persons compared to the same period last year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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