Female roommate fried with rice and fed it to the workers


Photo: Abdeljalil Bounhar / Reuters

Female from Morocco, living in United Arab Emirates, suspected that she had killed and fried a roommate. Reported by the Associated Press.

According to investigators, she went on the offense when he learned that the man lived with her for seven years, is going to marry another. After the murder of a woman butchered body and cooked him machboos — a dish of rice and meat, which is then eaten by the Pakistani workers.

To search for the missing men joined his brother, who came to UAE from Morocco. He managed to find in a blender women human tooth. After that she was arrested. When the investigation is complete, it is waiting for the court.

Makbuz or kabsa — common in Saudi Arabia dish of rice, spices and lamb, goat meat, camel meat, beef, chicken or fish. Fry the meat in a deep pit in the ground or on flat stones that are placed on the hot coals. There is a method of cooking, allowing the use of a pan or pressure cooker.

In June it was reported that the American spoke about how, along with friends have tried tacos from human flesh. He made his own leg, which had to be amputated after an accident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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