In the caravan of migrants introduced by American informants


Photo: Agrees Latifah Latif / Reuters

The Ministry of homeland security uses paid informants to gather information about the caravan of migrants from Central America, which is moving in the direction of the United States, reports NBC News.

Agency staff are also present in the WhatsApp chats through which migrants communicate with each other and coordinate their actions. The data obtained allow us authorities to track the number of people in the caravan, their movements and possible security threats.

According to sources from the Ministry, and on 18 November it became known that a group of migrants about to cross the border of Mexico and the United States near San Diego. The authorities have deployed border troops, but no one managed to catch.

“Without commenting on the methods and sources of information, I would say that it would be a mistake for the US government not to pay attention to migrants, including criminals trying to get into the country. We need to know reliably who cross our borders”, — reads the statement of the representative of the Ministry Katy Waldman.

In October, thousands of refugees from Central America went to the us border. Parallel North from Honduras and Guatemala are just a few of the caravans. The President of the United States Donald trump sent to the border thousands of soldiers to curb the influx of illegal immigrants. The first group of the caravan of migrants arrived on the U.S. border and Mexico on November 13.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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