Khazanov explained Putin presented the crown


Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

People’s artist of Russia Gennady Khazanov explained why he gave the crown to the President of the country Vladimir Putin. About it writes the edition Sobesednika.

According to Khazanov, he wasn’t trying to cater to the Russian leader, and wanted to make a humorous gift.

“Crown – gift, which was prepared by me to the President’s birthday. My order was made a copy, but after some time her hand had failed. And now he had the chance. I don’t understand why it caused such a reaction,” said the artist.

Vladimir Putin on 1 December 2015 congratulated Gennady Hazanova with an anniversary and presented him with a rare instance of a cookbook. In response, the satirist presented the President with a copy of a Russian Imperial crown. “If you have something more modest brought, I would have left, and have now to pass to the Kremlin”, — said Putin.

A large part of the gifts received by Putin, is sent to the presidential library. According to the established order, all gifts made by the first person, are the property of the state. By law, the President can take him only one gift, the value of which does not exceed five minimum wage, which is about 30 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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