Named share living in poverty Russians


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

In Russia, 22 percent of the population lives in poverty and can only afford a minimal set of basic products. This is stated in the study of consumer well-being of Russians Ranepa, which is at the disposal “of the”.

As stated RBC senior research fellow, Institute of social analysis Ranepa Dmitry Loginov, the people in the area of poverty, often forced to choose to purchase the minimum set of the most simple ingredients (potatoes, carrots, bread) or buy the cheapest, but the necessary medicines.

In the area of consumer risk was 35.6 per cent of Russians — they can afford to eat and buy everyday clothes. At the same time they encounter difficulties in the purchase of consumer durables, furniture or appliances. Prospects to improve their financial situation the people in this area, often not.

In the area of consumer comfort are only 28.3 percent of citizens, which can afford durable goods and not fear a decline in living standards in the near future.

The remaining 14 percent was in the area of possible changes is the most unstable group, and its representatives have found it difficult to evaluate their consumption opportunities in the next year.

By the end of 2017, the percentage of Russians living below the poverty line, accounted for 13.2 percent, or 19.3 million people.

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