Poland went back on their word


Photo: Kacper Pempel / Reuters

In Poland after the European court decided to review the laws adopted in the judicial reform. The relevant draft submitted to Parliament on Wednesday, 21 November, reads the website of the Sejm.

As noted, the document for the consideration of the proposed members of the ruling party “law and justice”. He was sent to the first reading. The justification States that “the amendment represents a fulfillment of the injunction of the European court”.

The draft law concerns the retirement of Supreme court judges after they reach a certain age. If the amendments are adopted, people over 65 years will continue to occupy the position with the consent of the President.

The court ordered Poland to immediately suspend the new laws adopted within the framework of the judicial reform in October. From Warsaw demanded to be allowed to return to work to the judges who had to resign from their posts after lowering the age of retirement from 70 to 65 years.

The European Commission has filed a lawsuit in the European court against Poland for reform of the judicial system at the end of September. According to the EC, the reduction of the age of retirement for judges and President of Poland the right to prolong the term of service is a violation of the laws of the EU and attempt to influence the work of the Supreme court.

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