Russia has again protested “voluntary” sanctions China


Photo: Liang Zhiqiang / AP

Chinese banks wrongly refer to the sanctions of third countries for operations with Russian partners, overeat TASS words of the head of the Bank of Russia in Beijing Vladimir Danilov.

He noted that despite a wide network of correspondents and the growth of settlements in national currencies, there are problems associated with the fact that a number of Chinese commercial banks “expansion interpreterpath those restrictive measures applied to Russia.”

As explained Danilov, on these issues, the Central Bank communicates regularly with the people’s Bank of China. The representative of the regulator said that Russia for its part does not create artificial barriers with Chinese and Russian partners.

“We believe that the links to Chinese commercial banks on the sanctions of third countries have no reason, because these sanctions are no restrictions on payments through banks, which are included in sanction lists,” said Danilov.

He explained that “U.S. sanctions against individuals on the SDN list (Specially Designated Nationals) do not apply to a legal entity in which these persons occupied positions, if they do not represent these companies in certain financial operations.”

In September, the EU for another six months extended sanctions against individuals and organizations from Russia. They include the freezing of accounts and restriction on the movement and apply to 155 people and 44 organisations.

The U.S. Treasury in January of this year provided a list of 210 high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen, which can be sanctioned.

The American physical and legal persons are prohibited to cooperate with individuals on the SDN list. People against whom the sanctions may not have Bank accounts in dollars or another currency, if the transaction of the Bank that holds their savings, go through the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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