Saudi Arabia was accused of torture of women


Photo: Ammar Awad / Reuters

The Saudi authorities allegedly tortured women activists. Such charges put forward by human rights organizations, reports CNN.

According to Amnesty International, several women were imprisoned without charges in may 2018. They sexually molested, tortured and exerted pressure on them in other ways.

According to the testimony of the three victims, they were put in the electric chair and beaten with sticks. Women also said that after the incident they could not walk normally and stand, they were shaking hands, and on the body traces of a beating. One of the victims tried several times to commit suicide in prison.

Journalist Jamal Hakuji, actively criticized the crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman al-Saud, went missing on 2 October on the territory of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey. The authorities acknowledged his death only in 18 days. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom assured that the heir, who journalists connect 15 suspects in the murder, was not aware of the operation.

Earlier, Muhammad bin Salman has held a number of social and economic reforms, allowed the women of the Kingdom to drive a car without a male escort, opened the cinema and promised to equalize the salaries of women and men.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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