Savages killed off the forbidden island tourist


Photo: @paganpages

Savages one of the most isolated tribes living in the North Sentinelese island (India), shot from the bow of an American tourist who wanted to convert them to Christianity. Reported by the Daily Mail.

27-year-old missionary John Allen Chau (Chau John Allen) was halfway to the island by boat with local fishermen. After that he switched to prepared in advance canoe and then swam alone. As soon as Chow landed on the shore, sentinels rained down on him hail of arrows and killed the man.

“A man was attacked with arrows, but he kept going. The fishermen saw the tribe tied the rope to his neck and dragged the body, — the eyewitness reported to the police. — Then they got scared and ran away, but returned the next morning and took a Chow from the coast”.

It is noted that a visit to the Sentinelese Islands, on which live tribes officially banned. Now, police are investigating the incident. Law enforcement officers have already arrested seven fishermen who helped Chau to reach the island.

Sentinels is one of the most isolated tribes in the world, and the people are really aggressively prevent any contact with people from the outside. Every person who tried to get to their island, they were killed. Sentinels are a way of life of gatherer-hunters. It is assumed that they still have not learned to make fire, so keep glowing fireplaces in earthen vessels.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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