The astronauts in the ISS protected from the radiation wipes


Cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev Frame: live from the ISS “Vkontakte”

The astronauts working on the International space station, draped the walls with packs of wet wipes for protection against radiation. This was told by the Russian member of the crew Sergey Prokopyev during the live broadcast from the ISS “Vkontakte”.

“The crew sometimes increased amount of protection in the cabins, that has increased the number of wet wipes in packets that fit right along the wall, and this reduces the amount of absorbed radiation. Seen that water is one of the best barriers to penetration of radiation,” said Prokopyev.

He explained that radiation may increase due to solar flares and magnetic storms. According to him, he is not faced with these phenomena. The astronaut stressed that the crew advance warning of solar flares.

In August, the network has drawn attention to another Russian cosmonaut to the ISS, Oleg Artemyev. He maintains a blog on YouTube where talks about his life on the station. Users called Artemiev “in a good space.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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