The choreographer told about the uproar of the deceased under the chassis of the plane men


Photo: Emin Jafarov / “Kommersant”

The man who was removed from the flight for a brawl and died on the runway in the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport, shortly before his death fought with the choreographer. On Wednesday, November 21, reports “the Fifth channel”.

According to the head of the troupe “Russian national ballet” Sergei Radchenko, flying with him, the young man stared at him and then lashed out with his fists. “Suddenly I feel a blow to the jaw. I did not start the fight. Then some big guy came up and blockaded it on the seat. He, in my opinion, a drug addict,” — said the choreographer.

Radchenko also said that before the man attacked another passenger.

According to REN TV, the deceased was a citizen of Armenia born in 1993, who were deported from Spain and flew home with a stopover in Moscow.

It is reported that the border with Russia, he did not cross, remaining in the transit area. Experts find out how a young man was on the airfield and whether he was hit by a plane or fell from the undercarriage.

20 November it became known that on the runway at Sheremetyevo were found the remains of a man. The pilot of the aircraft bound for Athens, told the Manager that something has faced, perhaps, with the animal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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