The most progressive cities in the world


Photo: Noah Berger / Reuters

The most technologically advanced metropolis of the world recognized San Francisco, according to a study prepared by the experts of the company Knight Frank (materials are at the disposal of edition”.ru”).

Analysts have identified the top 15 cities of the 2018 world from the point of view of development of advanced technologies, making rating Tech City Index (the”Index techportal”). The most progressive metropolis of San Francisco (USA), second place — London (UK), followed by Singapore. The top 5 also got new York and Boston.

The remaining positions went to (in descending order of level of technology) Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Zurich, Seoul, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. Thus, the list included five cities in North America, five cities in Europe, three in Asia and one Australian. Russian cities in the rankings.

As noted in the study, cities were assessed according to six key elements of infrastructure for technological development is an educational objects, human capital, the city’s ability to constantly promote and develop new enterprises (startups), the impact of technology on economic growth of the city, the ability to innovate, infrastructure, smart city (smart city) — degree coverage and the use of technology by the city.

According to analysts Knight Frank, in the next five years of the above cities will enjoy great popularity among technology companies and young professionals.

Earlier in November, was published another significant rating of cities with the best living conditions. First it went to London. Moscow took sixth place.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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