The network of filling stations has said it is ready to lower the price of gasoline to 30 rubles


Photo: Elena Afonina / TASS

Independent network of stations (small and medium-sized companies that were not admitted to meetings with the government, which discussed the freezing of gasoline prices), are willing to lower the price of gasoline to 30 cents per liter. This was stated by the head of the analytical centre of Independent fuel Union (NTS) Gregory Bazhenov, according to NSN.

He noted that independent networks have to build on those market conditions that drove them to the government within the framework of “Cabinet talk”. “The independent sector in these discussions was not invited. Received a loss. The independent sector will not affect prices. He dances from the prices that he set. The independent sector can sell goods at any price. We have arranged the 30 cents per liter,” — said Bazhenov.

The head of the analytical center of the NTS explained that everything comes down to profitability: if the price was 30 rubles per liter, and the network would receive three rubles with that price, then everything would be fine — the company would be able to cover their costs and grow your business. Current conditions that simply do not contribute, consequently they have to raise prices.

Autumn in Russia has again become topical problem of increasing gasoline prices. The government was forced to put the big oil companies an ultimatum to increase the supply of petroleum products to the domestic market and not for export that is unprofitable for companies. The oilers tried to repay the lost profits due to the Russian motorists, but then the government came up with market demand to freeze prices for local peaks in oil prices.

Ultimately benefited only large companies for which the sale of gasoline in the domestic market in terms of fallen oil prices has become only more profitable, while large companies refusing or reducing sales of gasoline to independent retailers, leading to local shortages of fuel. To renegotiate the agreement with the oil companies, the Russian authorities are not ready yet, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak claims that the fall in oil prices is not sufficient to ensure that the cost of gasoline declined.

The last time gasoline AI-95 cost around 30 cents per liter in December 2012, AI-92 — in June 2014.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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