The reason for the collapse of the “Agatha Christie” was a girl


Gleb and Vadim Samoilovite: Anastasiya Petrakova / RIA Novosti

One of the founders of “Agatha Christie” Gleb Samoilov said that the reason the group disbanded was the girl he and his brother Vadim fell in. The words of the musician conveys the NSN.

“Vadim fell in love with a girl. Other details may remain behind the scenes. Since we are both married, Vadim hide it all for a long time. This is the real truth, that it led to the collapse of the “Agatha Christie”,” said Samoilov.

As NSN wrote, it is unclear joking so musician or not. Samoilov also admitted that his group “all rot”.

In October Vadim Samoilov argued in an interview with “Fifth channel” that the band broke up, “because it was a logical conclusion of our adulthood.” “I and my brother — we have evolved. And I always had the understanding that we go our separate ways”, — said the artist.

In may 2017 Vadim Samoilov sued the glib right to the performance of 172 songs “Agatha Christie”.

Samoilov, the team broke up in 2010. Gleb and Vadim have formed their own group and act individually.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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