The Russians had stopped the building of the former arms and refused to move out



A resident of Yaroslavl, divorced his wife, but refused to move out of the apartment she owned and lived there for two years. This was reported on the website of the regional branch of management of Federal bailiff service (UFSSP).

The couple divorced in 2016. Then the decision of the court in the division of property apartment departed wife, because at the time, was given to her by her mother.

However, the former spouse decided to stay in another apartment. It is cluttering up the dwelling of your belongings, including laptops, guitars and a few pieces of airguns. To evict the man succeeded only in 2018. the Procedure was completed with the help of bailiffs approached by the landlady.

In the message of Department it is specified that, in addition to enforcement proceedings for eviction, the man opened the matter of alimony: he owed the kid more than a hundred thousand rubles.

Belongings of the debtor, taken from the apartment of his ex-wife, arrested, and if he does not repay the debt by the alimony, the property will be sold at auction.

In October 2018 the bailiffs of the Murmansk region was able to calculate the location of the debtor on the video that he posted on the Internet, bragging to subscribers by their elusiveness. In the shot of the types of Windows that allowed the security forces to determine the location of the house of the defaulter, the floor and even specific apartment. The man was reported missing after refusing to pay the debt in the amount of 280 thousand rubles for the maintenance of her child.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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