The Russians have decided to save from the illegal black caviar


Photo: Dmitry Korobeynikov / RIA Novosti

In the winter, will launch a pilot project for the labelling of caviar. According to RBC, the Agency has developed a road map for the introduction of labelling of products of particularly valuable (sturgeon) and just valuable (salmon and other) breeds.

Union Ostrovidov in the near future plans to begin the voluntary labeling of caviar, meat and products from sturgeons. The experiment will involve the Ministry of industry, rostec and development Center of advanced technologies (CRPT) — labeling which is already used in the market of fur coats, drugs and tobacco.

The project will start in the next three months. One of the sites where it will begin a “pilot” for the labelling of caviar will be ostrovetskoe enterprise “Diana” in the Vologda region. Meat of sturgeon are expected to begin to mark in the Astrakhan region.

By the end of the first quarter of 2019 is planned to determine the optimal type of marking and to debug technological processes. In the future labeling may be required.

Control, according to the calculations of the Agency, will solve the problem of counterfeit goods, which now occupies 80 percent of the market. Given that the average price of legal caviar producers is 30-40 thousand rubles per kg, and market volume in money terms may be equal to 7,2-9,6 billion rubles. The volume of illegal production is estimated at 200 thousand tons. Is poaching eggs produced “in the wild”. In addition, the “huge amounts” of black caviar are shipped from China. In the far East, this caviar is sold at wholesale price 6-8 thousand rubles per kilogram.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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