Trump wished a special investigation against Clinton


Photo: Rick Wilking / Reuters

The President of the United States Donald trump tried to initiate the prosecution of two of his political opponents: former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and former head of the FBI James Komi. This writes The New York Times.

According to sources of the newspaper, a similar question the head of state raised in the spring. He was going to go to the appropriate order in the Ministry of justice, however, talked him out of it was in that moment the legal counsel of the White house, Donald Boston.

He explained that trump has no authority to initiate such proceedings. At the same time, potentially the President may send a request to the investigation, however, because of this it can be accused of abuse of power.

In this regard, Boston has instructed the lawyers of the White house to warn the President that he could face various consequences, including the impeachment for such actions. I do read the trump note of lawyers, not specified.

The newspaper’s sources indicated that the President subsequently continued to raise the issue of investigations into the Clinton and Komi in private conversations. Trump has expressed an interest in the appointment of the second spectracure for cases against them. He also expressed disappointment in the new FBI Director: Christopher ray has allegedly been unable to more aggressively investigate the actions of Clinton.

What the US President wanted to order to investigate, not specified. Previously, he without any evidence accused of Komi in illegal possession of classified information. It is also noted that the lawyers of the head of state privately asked the DOJ to conduct an investigation in respect of the Komi Republic, including his role in the investigation of the incident with the email Clinton.

The scandal broke in March 2015. During his tenure as Secretary of state Clinton has violated the established order directing correspondence through a special government email system with additional protection. Instead, the politician used a private e-mail account were on belonged to her server.

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