Cyclist stabbed in the head has fought off the criminals and came to the doctor


Photo: page Wimpie van der Merwe in Facebook

A resident of Cape town (South Africa) Sean Wayne (Lynn Wayne) survived the attack criminals, and he came to the hospital with a knife in his head. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on Monday, November 19. The man was driving to work in your sushi restaurant on a Bicycle when he was attacked by two malefactors. One of them stuck a 34-year-old Wayne in the head with a knife, and a 15-centimeter blade stuck inside the skull. The criminals tried to take away men’s bike, but he managed to fend for themselves, beat them and left.

Wayne was able to get to the clinic, located about a kilometer from the scene. A man with a protruding from a bloody head with a knife went to the emergency room and said, “you Have free the doctor?”

“To say that he looked impressive with a knife sticking out of his head, — to say nothing. But the patient was very calm and clearly and politely asked, can someone make”, — said the employee of the clinic Brendan Venter (Brendan Venter). According to him, one of the doctors made the decision to take Wayne to the hospital in his own car, not to wait for the ambulance and not to waste time. The man asked the clinic to look after the bike.

According to doctors, the patient was very lucky that the blade bent from hitting the skull and entered his face, and not in the brain. Wayne did an emergency surgery, his condition is stable.

Police said that attacks on bicyclists has increased, criminals wanted. Officers added that Wayne’s bike was not expensive and every day he drove it to work and back.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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