Disclosed the reason for the capture of the rapper Husky


Hascicek: GQ Russia / YouTube

The Husky rapper was accused of petty hooliganism, disobeying the police, an illegal organization of mass stay of citizens in a public place and refusing to submit to medical examination. About it reports “Interfax” on Thursday, November 22.

The police of Krasnodar has made in respect of a musician three administrative Protocol. The trial of a rapper will take place later on Thursday.

Husky was detained Wednesday evening near the entrance to the Krasnodar club, which was to take place his concert. Initially, the performance by the musician was scheduled at the club arena Hall, however, the Prosecutor’s office demanded from the organizers to abandon the event, stressing that it contains signs of extremism.

The concert tried to move to a club that at the last moment also refused to take rapper. Husky took to the street at the entrance to the school, jumped on the roof of the car and began to sing one of his compositions, after which he was detained by the police.

Earlier Thursday, the Huskies concert in Volgograd was cancelled without explanation. The organizers said to RIA Novosti that the money for sold a thousand tickets will be returned to the buyers.

On 20 November in Rostov-na-Donu on the concert of the musician turned off the light and sound of the visit of the police officers. According to human rights defenders, the Huskies have read the lyrics without a microphone and music. 17 Nov on YouTube was blocked a clip of the musician for the song “Judas”.

Husky / YouTube

Rapper Husky 25-year-old Dmitry Kuznetsov from Ulan-Ude. His discography includes two Studio albums.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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