Funded pensions Russians again froze


Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

The state Duma in the third final reading adopted the law on the freezing of the cumulative part of the pension Russians until 2021. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the law, the funds which the citizens had previously deducted to the funded part (6 per cent of wages), up to 2021 will go to current payments to pensioners. The document also establishes the responsibility of the Pension Fund of Russia to take into account the contributions for compulsory pension insurance in 2021, on the basis of size of the individual part of the insurance contributions to Finance pension insurance.

For the first time freezing of pension savings has occurred in 2014. Then the authorities claimed that this is a temporary measure, which should help pension system to withstand the influx of retirees and formed the budget deficit of the FIU. The authorities promised to return all frozen savings with interest, but later rejected the idea.

We are talking about pension savings not all Russian citizens, but only those who previously voluntarily notify the FIU about the formation of a funded pension. In may 2018, the Minister of Finance and first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov for the first time acknowledged that the government does not intend to unfreeze their pension. According to the official, from the tool retirement savings, the authorities plan to refuse.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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