Named the worst beef patties


Photo: David Parry / PA Photos / TASS

Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study cutlets of beef. It was attended by specialists of all-Russian research Institute of meat industry named after V. M. Gorbatov.

In the study, were checked patties under the brands “Lozhkarev”, “Black bull”, “Morozko”, MLM, “Miratorg”, “Every day” and “Cool-sculpting”. Their retail price varies from 150 to 660 rubles per kilogram.

Experts checked on the chops according to 50 criteria of quality and safety, including investigated the presence and level of preservatives, microbiological indicators, as well as compliance with the declared composition of the marking.

In the sample “Lozhkarev”, MLM, “Miratorg” and “Every day” was discovered antibiotics and antimicrobial chemotherapeutic agents. To humans they are dangerous because they can develop addiction to certain medicines and allergic reaction. Cutlets “Black bull”, “Morozko”, MLM, “Every day”, “Cool-sculpt” was found Listeria — mikroorganizmi-the causative agents of listeriosis affecting the nervous system of humans and animals.

In all samples detected a discrepancy with the marking on the packaging concerning the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Cutlets “Lozhkarev”, “Miratorg”, “Every day” and “Cool-sculpting” found poultry, but it is listed on the package.

According to the results of examination of all samples added to black list “Roskontrol” as inappropriate safety requirements and introduces consumer confusion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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