Nevzorov explained the hatred of Solovyov to the Dude


Vladimir Solovieva: Dmitry Dukhanin / Kommersant

Journalist Alexander Nevzorov explained why the TV host Vladimir Solovyov often criticizes Yuri Dude, calling him a layman. He told about it in interview of radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

Nevzorov Solovyov described as a good performer who juggles in front of an audience “burning scrapie”. According to him, the journalist imagines himself an important figure, while no esters on the Central TV it is nothing.

“He’s not a figure, it is not a self-valuable phenomenon. He’s in some moment imagined himself to be a journalist, forgetting that it is the fruit, and he stands only on the channel rating,” — said Nevzorov. He noted that without huge investments from the part of the administration of TV channel “Solovyov no.”

In a situation with a Dude, said Nevzorov, the presenter of the “lost coast”: “just for a minute he decided that he was a journalist and has the right to vote and the right assessments.”

The last attack Soloviev Dude he called a “naughty” situation. The reason for them was the publication Dada in social networks, after which Solovyov said that his colleague should be deprived of virginity.

According to Nevzorov, he’s not pals with any of the journalists, so can evaluate their behavior with an open mind. Dude he called absolutely free author who is not the product of common creativity. Also, the journalist suggested that in the vast YouTube Solovyov would be waiting for the collapse.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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