Revealed the secret to a perfect post-partum figures


Photo: @abigailoneill

Model Abigail O’neill, who gave birth to three children, shared her secret of youth and slimness. Reported by the Mirror.

44-year-old Australian said that every woman can repeat the trick at home. “Every day, taking a shower, I watered the whole body with a jet of cold water at the end, said O’neill. — I’m doing so for over 30 years and I’m sure it helps me look young.”

Also the woman told that she has another trick that she calls “a 12-minute miracle shower”. According to the model, first it’s three minutes pouring myself with hot water and then cold for 30 seconds and repeats this action three times. “I have done this procedure at least once a week,” added O’neill.

In addition, the Australian said that she is constantly on a diet and its diet mainly consists of plant-based foods.

In October, British scientists have found a correlation between dress and personal characteristics of women. It turned out that the most healthy and successful women are most often the owner of a slender figure. According to experts, narrow waist symbolizes prosperity, success, and self-control.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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