Solovyov found Nevzorov “devils” and accused of stupidity


Photo: @nevzorovofficial

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said that journalist Alexander Nevzorov captured the “small demons”. So he responded to accusations of incompetence. His words leads NSN.

According to the moderator, Nevzorov should understand yourself. “Small demons, which they possess, greatly affect his mental and analytical abilities,” said Soloviev.

Statements Nevzorov, the presenter explained the attempt to smooth over the stupid situation in which he got. He said that some time ago a journalist published incorrect information about the breakdown of speech Solovieva in Saint-Petersburg.

“Now this poor man, many a former Deputy of the state Duma, trying to get out of a situation where it was the usual petty liar”, — said Solovyov. According to him, the performance was held and gathered an impressive audience, including on YouTube.

Nevzorov informed on air of radio station “Echo Moscow” named Solovyov artist who imagines himself as a journalist and important figure. According to Nevzorov, the presenter of the “lost coast”. So he responded to another attack Soloveva Yury Duda address. Solovyov compared with Dude, Nevzorov said that the first would have failed, if he tried to create content for YouTube on their own.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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