The cops wanted to equate drugs to alcohol and drugs


Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti

The traffic police intend to equate the effect of using certain medications to alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, reports RT.

There is now a legislative gap in the administrative code does not allow to make positive conclusion about the intoxication of drivers who use drugs such as phenobarbital or diphenhydramine. At the same time, sitting behind the wheel, they violate the instructions for the medication.

According to the head of Department of traffic police, special events and enforcement activities of the traffic police Alexander Bykov, in the medical examination report shall contain only the name and concentration of drugs detected according to the results of chemical-Toxicological studies.

“In paragraph 2.7 of traffic rules we have a record that it is prohibited to drive a vehicle including under the influence of drugs that impair reaction and attention. However, article 12.8 of the administrative code, which reglamentary responsibility for drunken driving, on these drugs says nothing. We propose to fill this gap”, — said Bykov.

According to RT, a specific list of new prohibited for drivers of drugs and their threshold values, the employees of the interior Ministry will be in conjunction with the Ministry of health.

On 21 November it was reported that the Department of traffic police of Ufa did not stop after the death of one of the visitors, a man died in a queue of a heart attack.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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