The entry with the order to kill Saudi journalist discovered the Americans


Photo: Huseyin Aldemir / Reuters

The CIA received a phone call conversation from a Saudi Prince, in which he gives instructions to quickly kill the journalist Jamal Hakuji, says the columnist of the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News, Abdulkadir Selvi (Abdulkadir Selvi).

According to the reporter, on the record, the crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman asks his brother Khaled “to silence Jamal Hakuji as soon as possible”. Khaled bin Salman is the Saudi Ambassador in the United States.

As reported by anonymous sources Selvi, in this conversation, the brothers discussed activities of Hakuji that his criticism of the Saudi state creates “discomfort”. The journalist said that the CIA Director Gina Haspel identified the existence of this record last month during his visit to Ankara.

Later, an unnamed Turkish official told Reuters that he knew nothing about this movie.

Saudi journalist Jamal Hakuji killed on October 2 when he came to the Embassy of the Kingdom in Istanbul. He needed the documents confirming the divorce to enter into a new marriage with a citizen of Turkey. The bride was waiting for him near the Consulate building.

Saudi authorities denied the death of a journalist for nearly three weeks. Later the murder was acknowledged, but called it unintentional. On 15 November the Prosecutor’s office of the Kingdom demanded the execution of five suspects.

Turkey suspects in the murder of journalist a total of 18 persons, and demanded their extradition. Local authorities insist that the murder was deliberate and intentionally cruel. In the latest versions, the man tortured, dismembered, and the body then was taken from Turkey in suitcases, using diplomatic immunity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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