The groom got shot during the wedding and kept the party going


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In the capital of India new Delhi groom received a bullet wound during the wedding, but refused to interrupt the festivities. This publication reports the Hindustan Times.

Families began to celebrate the wedding at home and then went to a special school. The bridegroom rode on the carriage, and his relatives and guests danced on the road. Suddenly, the carriage climbed two men who joined the procession, and shot the groom.

The victim received a wound in the right shoulder. He did not immediately understand what happened, so the attackers had time to escape. The groom was taken to hospital, but three hours later he came back to the wedding and kept the party going.

After the celebrations, the man had again to go to the hospital. It may need surgical intervention.

Eyewitnesses claim that the gunmen came on a motorcycle. The police believe that the reason for the attack was or quarrel with, or personal animosity to the groom.

In 2017, it was reported that in Egypt a man was seriously injured at a bachelor party before his wedding. One of his guests decided to celebrate the event by shooting in the air, but missed and wounded the hero of the occasion. Bullets hit in the genitals, the thighs, and the hand of man.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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