The Internet is flooded with hundreds of dangerous clones AliExpress


Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Experts have found a network of more than 400 sites that copy popular Chinese site AliExpress. The fraud intensified on the eve of a big sale called “Black Friday” reads a press release of the company Group-IB, arrived in edition “”.

Attackers create the websites with similar domain names, arrange them in the colors of the Chinese marketplace and use a recognizable logo of the brand. According to Group-IB, the damage to the buyer can reach tens of thousands of rubles. Such resources may attend up to 200 thousand people per month.

Besides AliExpress, scammers use brands and other popular Internet sites selling various products.

The press release also States that the Brand Protection team has identified a large network of similar sites — 198 pieces, which are parasitic on the well-known brands and are almost completely copy the original content for the sites. A large part of domain names were acquired at the end of August 2018 and has the same hosting provider — ISPIRIA Networks Ltd, located in the Central African Belize.

Target can be either the implementation of counterfeit or phishing. Thus, the revenue of phishing sites using the brands of well-known companies and is designed to steal credit card data, in an average month amounts to three million rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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