The leader of the Ukrainian radicals was asked to understand his desire to kill journalists


Frame: Radio Liberty Ukraine / YouTube

The leader of the Ukrainian radical group C14 Yevhen Karas was asked to understand his desire to kill opposition journalists, which he called a manifestation of human weakness. He stated this on his page in Facebook.

“Next to you Ukrainians ****** [beat] mordake separsky of jornalista [separatist agent-journalist]. What to do and how to react? Personally, I think that we should show humility and mercy. We are all imperfect. If a person decided to get separa to the light — have to endure this human weakness,” Karas wrote. His words serve as an eyeliner to an interview he gave to the TV channel “Magnolia-TV”, the recording is available on YouTube.

In the interview, the Carp justified the actions of the radicals who attacked opposition journalists. “Why the people resorted to this, of course. People worry that the government can not cope with their responsibilities. They are worried that if the Russian media will be here to work, there will be [war] on Donbass”, — said the leader of the nationalists.

In the comments under the entry in Facebook he added that most of the audience agreed with the need to disrupt the activities of journalists suspected of “Russian propaganda”. “69 percent of the audience agreed that separsky journalists have to provide the safety and security within the detention center, but not on the main streets of peaceful cities, where they’re running around with microphones,” wrote Carp.

Group C14 is known for a number of attacks on journalists, opposition media. In September of this year, the FPO attacked the correspondent of the TV channel NewsOne and beat her live. Members of the C14 is also a suspect in the murder of journalist and writer Oles Elder.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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