The main fighter with corruption of the Altai was a billionaire he is Almighty


Vadim Ndocciata: the interior Ministry for the Altai territory

Arrested on charges of receiving a bribe in especially large size the head of the Department of economic security and counteraction of corruption GU the Ministry of internal Affairs for Altai Krai Vadim Nadvice was known in certain circles under the nickname Vadik Almighty, in his accounts found a billion rubles. This is a source in law enforcement bodies of region has informed TV channel “360”.

“He [Nadvice] wanted to accumulate half a billion rubles. In a country house Vadik Almighty, and that 35 acres of land with a forest, were searched. The Colonel has managed to accumulate one billion rubles. All funds arrested the Colonel are on the accounts — they will confiscate,” — said in the message.

16 November it was reported that Navicula and his former colleague, was arrested on suspicion in receiving a bribe of five million rubles.

According to investigators, Colonel Nadvice with the mediation of the police Evgeny Grechishkin received money from the businessman for the termination of inspections led by businessman businesses. Against them criminal case about obtaining official of a bribe in especially large size and intermediation in bribery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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