The Russians lived for 30 years with a bullet in his chest


Photo: Oleksandr Kondratyuk / RIA Novosti

In Kabardino-Balkaria doctors have successfully operated on a man who lived for 30 years with a bullet in the chest, according to Instagram account of the Republican clinical hospital (RKB).

“Patient K., born in 1954 in the month and a half began to experience pain and discomfort in the chest area, therefore, appealed to the thoracic Department of the RSC”, — said in the caption to the photo of surgery and x-rays, which significantly foreign body.

The patient was discharged.

As the bullet hit the man’s body, doctors did not specify, as well as the way in which the doctors concluded that she was there for about three decades.

In December last year it was reported about the Chechen doctors discovered the intestines complained of pain 60-year-old patient three-meter probe that is left in his body to Ukrainian surgeons who operated on the man ten years earlier.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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