The teacher forced the student to remove from the phone “destructive mentality” pictures


Photo: Nicholas Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti

The teacher of a school in Novosibirsk forced the student to remove from his phone image in the genre of anime. About it reports “Says Moscow”.

The incident was reported in the Twitter of the boy’s mother. According to her, the boy on the phone was “gorgeous Wallpaper anime girl”, the teacher took away the smartphone during the lesson, and then forced the child to write explanations. The teacher said to the woman that Japanese paintings, destroy the psyche of children and the school has a recommendation about their ban.

Mum of the schoolboy has decided to check with the Ministry of education, is there really a recommendation to ban anime. In the office she was told that the phone have to pick up the kid you do not have rights, but stressed that this genre is bad for people.

“The woman from the Ministry of education also confidentially told me that in the anime is 25-th frame, and hidden codes of the words to destroy the nation, in Europe, they banned anime, and gatherings of anime — sect. But fortunately, she told me, we have ties and traditions,” says the parent of a child.

According to her, the next day after the incident, she had a conversation with the Director and Director of studies on educational work which explained and apologized.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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