The woman survived “internal decapitation”


Photo: Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

In the American city of cedar springs, Michigan, a woman survived a car accident in which her skull was completely detached from the spine. This publication reports Newsweek.

Delayn Lila (Lila DeLine) drove up to the house, when her car crashed into another car. The accident happened in front of her husband, who was waiting for her in the yard. He immediately rushed to the mangled car and found that his wife was conscious, but unable to move or speak.

He fixed her head and held her until the ambulance arrived, which helped to cause the culprit of the accident, says WOOD-TV. Doctors believe that through the actions of the spouse, she survived.

From Delayn found the tear and dislocation of the Atlanto-occipital joint connects the occipital bone with the first cervical vertebra. “The fact that she got to hospital alive is almost a miracle, says surgeon Charles Gibson (Charles Gibson). — In most cases with such an injury die at the scene”.

At first, the woman’s body was completely paralyzed. She could react to the words of others, only closing their eyes or silently moving her lips. “I thought that now my life will be, she says. — Respirator, diapers and the inability to communicate.”

The fears proved groundless. Three months after the accident, her condition has improved markedly. Body control came back, she started to get up, walk and exercise is necessary for further recovery.

The driver of the car collided with the car Delayn, charged with violation of traffic regulations, entailed heavy harm to health.

In August it was reported another American who experienced a similar injury and survived. The man flew through the windshield when the car in which he was riding fell into a ditch and overturned. Friend did not allow him to move until the place is not the EMTs arrived.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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