Two accused in the rape of poznavatelnoe from Ufa released from custody


Photo: Vadim Bradow / RIA Novosti

The former head of the Department of the interior in Ufa region Eduard Matveev and former head of Karmaskalinsky ATS Salavat Galieva, accused in the rape of poznavatelnoe in Ufa, can release from custody in December. On Thursday, November 22, a source close to the case, told the newspaper “”.

“Earlier actions and move former police officers accused of raping a girl, the investigator in Ufa, was restored by surveillance cameras. It is reported that 51-year-old former head of the Ufa Department of the interior Ministry Eduard Matveev in the evening of the crime was home. Around 22:30 his arrival was recorded by the camera surveillance”, — stated in the message.

According to the newspaper, the lawyer of Salavat Galieva said that his client has an alibi. According to counsel, a suspect in the gang rape of the girl, the investigator was not at the scene. The other a former police officer Andrew Shruhan argues that the Colonel was in cafe “Rest” from half past nine until midnight, and the friends he did not return. He was taken home by the driver.

13 November it was reported that 23-year-old poznavatelnoe from Ufa, who had been assaulted by three police officers, told about the circumstances of the crime.

On 10 November, the acting head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov urged to support police, who began to get angry responses after the rape of poznavatelnoe their colleagues.

November 2, three suspects in the rape case 23-year-old poznavatelnoe of the interior Ministry in Bashkiria was sent to jail. Arrested — Colonel Paul Yaremchuk, former head of Department on migration of OMVD on the Ufa region, as well as his senior colleagues, ex-chiefs OMVD on the Ufa and Karmaskalinsky areas Colonel Eduard Matveev and Salavat Galiev.

31 October it became known about detention of the officers, who staged in the office of the Banquet, and then in the evening called back a subordinate, Lieutenant of police, ostensibly on business, trying to get her drunk, beat and raped.

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