Hillary Clinton urged to restrict the access of migrants to Europe


Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Former Secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that Europe should restrict immigration. She said this in an interview with the Guardian.

“Europe should clearly say that it is no longer able to provide shelter and support”, — said the politician. The restriction of migration, according to Clinton, you need to fight the growing threat of right-wing populism. It is the migration crisis, as she says, “kindles the flame” and contributes to the popularity of Donald trump and supporters of Brexit.

“I admire the generosity and compassion that they display in their approach to the issue of leaders like Angela Merkel, but I think that is to say — Europe has made its contribution,” she said. Clinton sure if the problem is not addressed, it will continue to undermine the political situation.

In 2015 broke out in Europe migration crisis. Some countries, including Hungary and Poland, called for stemming the flow of refugees and against quotas on the number of migrants. Germany, by contrast, tried to accept a maximum of refugees. However, after several terrorist attacks the newly arrived Muslims, anti-immigrant sentiments appeared in Germany.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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